Advisory Council:

Martin Retherford, BAS, MBA, MSOM, Dipl OM, DOM

AAANM Director, Advisory Council, 2016 - 2018
27 years of experience solving simple to complex challenges in multiple industries and in multiple locations in the world. Martin has worked on or near 5 continents, with multiple cultures, and in fields including the Military, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Education. Now a practicing DOM on the west side of Albuquerque, Martin has been treating primarily chronic illness within his Integrative practice and working with the general community to improve understanding of EAM.

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Pay Annual by Check
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Quick Facts:

We Are: Business Centric
Where: New Mexico
We Offer: A Voice to & for EAM.
How: Statewide Community Participation
Why: Because it is needed for Success
Location: 6312 Montano Rd NW Albuquerque NM 87120

Board of Directors:

Phone:  505-433-7138

Terms and Conditions:
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Geoff Hayes, MSOM, Dipl OM, DOM, C. SMA

Advisory Council, AAANM, 2017-2018

Geoff received his MSOM from Southwest Acupuncture College in 2013 and practices in the greater Albuquerque area. He recently became board certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture® and orthopedics and has chosen to specialize in sports medicine and performance, orthopedics and pain management. Additional areas of interest are facial rejuvenation and cosmetic acupuncture. His philosophy is to get people to Move Better, so they Feel Better and then Look Better. 

Southwest Acupuncture College
Sophia Bungay

Admissions & Alumni Director
Southwest Acupuncture College
1622 Galisteo Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505
505.438.8884 x1009

Joan Buckner, ​Executive Director, IA
LegalShield & IDShield
​Help yourself & AAANM at the same time.
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NM Wellness Symposium
Adam Halpern

8020 Beverly Hills Ave

Albuquerque NM 87122

Terms and Conditions:
Non-refundable for any reason, supplying payment means you accept these terms.


This symposium is a gathering of some of the most experienced and dedicated practitioners in New Mexico.  These practitioners will be talking about their areas of practice and how it can benefit you.  There will also be cross disciplinary panels that will focus on sharing diagnostic and treatment protocols with practitioners and patients.

NM Licensed Membership:

AAANM Membership:

To do what we are trying to do we need your help. Please consider Membership or Donation

A Path to Empowered Health

NM Student Membership:

Your Membership Includes:

   - Near real-time access to a community of like minded Providers

   - Participation in collective Marketing efforts

   - Discounted rates on Seminars and Continuing Education

   - Access to our EAM library with Business Documentation

   - Access to informal Business Consulting

   - Ability to vote online on important initiatives

   - Free Job Posting, Finding, Referral Network, & Networking

   - Access to Community Partner Benefits

   - Events participation

   - With much more coming!

AAANM Events:

Mission & Vision:

An Association for East Asian Medicine Success in New Mexico

Community Partners:

The Pulse of Our Effort:

Our Mission:

AAANM seeks to create Understanding.  The Understanding necessary to enable the EAM Specialist to create a thriving practice in NM.

We will do so by:

Focusing on Industry Outreach Initiatives.

Offering NM Business, Billing, and Resource Education

Creating A NM Patient Referral Database
Organizing Patient Education Workshop/Wellness Events

Seeking Partnerships within the community

Our Vision:

​​Full participation in all aspects of the greater Medical community through proven care excellence.