A Philanthropic Association for East Asian Medicine Success

The Pulse of Our Effort:

Quick Facts:

Mission & Vision:

We Are: Business Centric
Where: New Mexico
We Offer: A Voice to & for EAM.
How: Statewide Community Participation
Why: Because it is needed for Success
Location: 6312 Montano Rd NW Albuquerque NM 87120

Our Mission:

AAANM seeks to create Understanding.  The Understanding necessary to enable the EAM Specialist to create a thriving practice in NM.

We will do so by:

Focusing on Industry Outreach Initiatives.

Offering NM Business, Billing, and Resource Education

Creating A NM Patient Referral Database
Organizing Patient Education Workshop/Wellness Events

Seeking Partnerships within the community

Our Vision:

​​Full participation in all aspects of the greater Medical community through proven care excellence.

To do what we are trying to do we need your help. Please consider Membership or Donation